Our Service Standards

Our Firm Commitment to You
We want to deliver the service that you expect from your lawyer and a law firm. We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding your expectations for legal services and always trying to improve upon the quality of service we deliver to you.

Meeting Your Expectations

  • At the beginning of every matter, we will clearly understand your needs, expected outcome, and the scope of work assigned to us.
  • We will ask you how frequently you wish to receive progress reports—weekly, monthly, or on the occurrence of a certain milestone—and how you wish to receive them—by phone, letter or email.
  • At decision points, we will provide you with alternatives and recommendations and ask for your instructions.
  • We will confirm your instructions to us after each meeting with a memo outlining points discussed and action to be taken.
  • We will work to understand your business and, where appropriate, give proactive and strategic advice.
  • On completion of each assignment, you will promptly receive a final report.


  • We will draft court processes and file same within 3 days from the time of receiving your instructions and all relevant papers and information. Where we need to undertake research or contact other people before finalizing our work we will give you an indication of when we expect to file the claim.
  • Prepare leases, mortgages and other agreements within 2 hours (after receiving relevant information from you) for your perusal and completion by us in 1 day.
  • If we are unable to answer your telephone call immediately in person, we will return your call within two hours unless you are notified otherwise.
  • Most of our lawyers are provided with mobile devices with email access and every lawyer has access at all times to their business email from outside of the office.
  • If your lawyer will be out of the office for an extended period of time, we will contact you in advance and designate another lawyer to assist you during her or his absence.
  • Your accepted deadlines will be met or beaten.
  • We will respond to your requests with a sense of urgency at all times.

Always Knowing Your Costs

If you are a new client, we will provide a realistic cost estimate for your matter at the initial meeting or as soon after as is practicable. We will also advise you of accumulated costs periodically.

  • You will be advised of our billing practices at the initial meeting including:
  • Fees based on our schedule of fees or the estimated duration of your matter,
  • The hourly rate of the lawyer that will be working on your matter, where hourly rates apply,
  • Third party disbursements are billed at cost,
  • Bills are rendered monthly unless otherwise agreed, and
  • Budgets will be provided upon request.