Approximately 90% of Ghanaian court cases relate to land disputes

8th May, 2024

At a workshop in Accra intended to provide citizens with legal understanding concerning land disputes, it was discovered that land conflicts account for around 90 per cent of all cases heard in Ghanaian courts.

This is due to a deficiency in legal acumen among the Ghanaian populace. To lower the rate of land conflicts in Ghana, citizens were provided with vital knowledge in areas such as tenancy agreements, will preparation, and land transactions, among other topics.

Managing Counsel Member at Legal Link, Akua Pokuaa Kwarteng, underlined the significance of promoting legal awareness among Ghanaians in order to avert simple land conflicts and reduce court workload.

According to Madam Kwarteng, “We will be educating the people here on wills, intestate succession laws, and then also on the New Land Act because you realise that there are a lot of land disputes, particularly in Accra, and sometimes some of these issues arise because we don’t know what the provisions of the laws are.”

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